Bosnia and Herzegovina is in Europe, but it is not yet part of the European Union (EU) and it has not signed the Schengen Agreement, either. As a result, all Bosnians hoping to travel to countries like France, Italy, Spain, and Germany will need to apply for an ETIAS before they are granted access.

ETIAS Visa Waiver for Bosnian Citizens

The European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) was designed by the European Commission as a way of pre-screening travelers to the Schengen Zone. It applies to residents from 60 countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, and requires them to complete a simple online application before they can set foot on Schengen soil.

The application form asks for some basic information (name, date of birth, destination country) and requests a small €7 fee, paid by a credit or debit card.

You will also need a Bosnian passport before you can apply, and it must have at least 3 months of validity remaining from your date of departure.

Once granted, the ETIAS will remain valid for 3 years or until the passport expires. It permits access for up to 90 days within a 180-day period

Is Bosnia and Herzegovina in the European Union or Schengen Zone?

Bosnia and Herzegovina applied to join the European Union (EU) back in 2016. However, the application process is very slow and it has yet to be screened. It’s a long way from being accepted and that means that it’s even further away from signing the Schengen Agreement.

It might happen at some point in the future, but it’s definitely not going to happen any time soon. In the meantime, Bosnians aren’t afforded the same freedom of movement that applies to residents of the European Union.

Can Bosnian Citizens Travel to the US Without a Visa?

The United States does not permit visa-free access to Bosnian travelers. You will need to contact a local embassy and go through the visa application process before you can visit the country.

Which Countries Can Bosnians Visit Without a Visa?

The United States isn’t the only country that insists upon a visa from all Bosnian passport holders. The same is true for the United Kingdom, which is usually a little more open and receptive to foreign visitors but has taken more of a hard line on residents from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A visa is also needed for travel to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico, and Canada. On the plus side, the ETIAS visa waiver program grants relatively easy access to most of Europe, and Bosnians are also free to visit Russia, China, Brazil, and dozens of other countries without a visa.