EU Travel Information & Authorization System (ETIAS) Requirements

Anyone wishing to make an application through the EU Travel Information & Authorization System (ETIAS) will need a valid passport and an internet connection from a smartphone, laptop or computer. An acceptable form of online payment method will also be required. The time needed to complete the online application is approximately twenty minutes. However, the application process could take slightly longer if extra sections are required.

ETIAS Application Form

Personal Details

Accurate information must be provided when completing this section. Include your surname or family name followed by your first name and any middle names. Also record your original surname when you were born if it has now changed. If you are known by another name, for example a nickname, please include it here. Date and place of birth, followed by the country must be included. Also state your gender and your current nationality. Applicants must also detail their parents’ names and home address.

Passport And Travel Document Information

Information on holding any other nationality or citizenship should be included if applicable. Also include your permanent address, e-mail address, mobile and landline telephone numbers. List the EU member state of your intended entry, your occupation or education status.

ETIAS Background Information And Questions On Eligibility


This section refers to any medical conditions you night have such as parasitic or infectious diseases. Criminal records must be revealed including any visits made to countries in a war zone. Please list any previous immigration or travel incidents which caused deportation or the rejection of an application to a country within the EU.

Making An Application On Behalf Of Another Person

If the application is being made on behalf of someone who is a minor under 18 years of age, the identity of the minor’s guardian must be stated. Alternatively, if the application is being completed on someone else’s behalf who is over the age of 18, please state the name of the person or company with responsibility for that person. Family members related to EU citizens or nationals from third party countries who are allowed free movement without needing residency cards, must provide precise details of how those connections place them within their family and how they are related.

Documents To Have With You When Making An Application

To ensure that you can complete the online application form in one attempt, check that you have the necessary documents with you before you begin to fill in any of the sections. You will need an up to date passport that will still be valid for the date you would like to arrive in the EU. Please note that your passport will also need a machine readable section that should be located on the page with your personal details.

Electronic Passport Chip

Although electronic versions of the passport are not required as a standard formality, you might still need to have an electronic passport. This should have the electronic passport symbol or chip sign as shown in the figure below.

ETIAS Application Fee, Payment And Decision

The fee for processing an ETIAS application form is currently 7 euros. Application forms for minors under the age of 18 years of age do not require a fee. The application fee can be paid online through a valid credit or debit card. For an applicant over the age of 18 who has had an online payment accepted, the application form can be processed immediately. Within a few minutes a decision can be issued on the success or failure of the application.

Visas For the Schengen Area Of The EU

If you are not eligible to make an application through the ETIAS automated system, or if your ETIAS application should be rejected, but you still wish to visit Europe, you can complete an application form for the Schengen area.

Extending A Visit

In addition, if you wish to prolong your visit to Europe beyond the date permitted when you applied through the ETIAS system, you will need to make another application through the appropriate visa category clearly stating the reasons for extending your visit.