From late-2022, residents of Seychelles are required to complete a visa-waiver application before traveling to the Schengen Zone. It’s part of the ETIAS program, which was effected as a way of vetting travelers and ensuring that fewer serious criminals could visit the region.

Seychelles is on a list of around 60 countries that must apply for ETIAS authorization before stepping foot on Schengen soil. Fortunately, the ETIAS application process is relatively straightforward, and once completed, it remains valid for 3 years.

ETIAS Visa Waiver for Seychelles Citizens

The reasoning behind the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) was to secure Schengen borders without complicating the travel process for its member states.

After all, many of the countries within the Schengen Zone rely on tourism, and if people refrain from visiting due to complicated travel procedures, their GDPs will suffer.

The process is entirely automated and, unlike a visa application, it requests only the most basic information. You will be asked to input your name, date of birth, basic travel details, and passport number—that’s really all there is to it.

Even the fee is reasonable, as it is fixed at a modest €7 and is waived for younger travelers.

When granted, ETIAS authorization remains valid for 3 years or until the applicant’s passport expires. It can be used to visit the Schengen Zone for up to 90 days within any 180-day period. Furthermore, it is also a multi-entry waiver, which means it applies to all countries within that area.

Where Can Seychelles Citizens Visit with an ETIAS?

Seychelles is a tropical paradise that tops many bucket lists. The weather, the views, the peace—what else could you want? But it lacks the scale, variety, and history that you can find in European cities like Berlin, Paris, Rome, Athens, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Vienna.

If you are a citizen of Seychelles and you’re planning to leave this paradise in search of a travel experience to remember, Europe is a great place to start.

The great thing about the Schengen Zone is that it includes the two most-visited countries in the world (France and Spain), as well as 7 of the most popular countries in Europe. Here is just a snapshot of what you can find in the Schengen Zone:

  • Portugal: The cities of Lisbon and Porto are two of the main attractions here, with many tourists flocking to the regions for its famous surf spots, old castles, and quaint fishing towns.
  • France: Along with Paris, the city of love, France is where you will find the gorgeous city of Nice and the quaint Lille. It’s also famous for its wine and cheese and is a great place to enjoy a culinary break.
  • Greece: From the historic hotspot of Athens to islands like Crete, Kos, and Rhodes, Greece offers a little bit of everything.
  • Italy: As with Greece, Italy has centuries of history to explore, spanning the Etruscans through to the Romans and the Medieval Venetians. It’s also the birthplace of pizza!
  • Germany: Over 37.5 million people visit Germany every year, with most flocking to the capital Berlin or to Munich, the home of Oktoberfest.
  • Austria: It might surprise you to learn that Austria has more annual tourists than Greece, and once you see the famous Habsburg-era castles and ruins from the Middle Ages, you will understand why.

Which Countries Can Seychelles Citizens Visit Without a Visa?

The Seychellois passport is surprisingly powerful, with the Henley Passport Index ranking it 28th, ahead of Costa Rica, Paraguay, Ukraine, Serbia, and many other major nations.

Seychellois passport holders can visit countries like Brazil, Barbados, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Kenya, Malaysia, Russia, Qatar, and the United Kingdom without a visa. They can also acquire eVisas to see Ukraine, New Zealand, and India.

The United States is a little trickier, though, as a visa is required.