Tuvalu is home to around 11.500 people, putting it on the same level as many small towns and villages in Europe. It doesn’t export many travelers, and that’s a shame, as Tuvaluans are part of the ETIAS program, which allows them to visit the Schengen Zone with a simple online application.

ETIAS Visa Waiver for Tuvalu Citizens

ETIAS stands for “European Travel Information and Authorization System” and comes into force at the end of 2022. If you are a Tuvalu citizen planning a trip to the Schengen Zone from this date, you will need to apply for an ETIAS first. If not, you will be refused access.

It is not a Schengen Visa. It doesn’t allow the authorized person to work, and as it is limited to 90-day stays, they can’t study long-term, either.

However, the ETIAS visa waiver can be used for short-term study, as well as travel, business, and tourist purposes.

It remains valid for 3 years after the date of acceptance and the 90-day limit only applies to every 180-day period, so if you reach your maximum allowance, you can just wait for that 180-day period to pass and the 90-day limit will reset.

When and Where Does the ETIAS Apply?

Individuals from approximately 60 countries are required to apply for an ETIAS before visiting the Schengen Area. Tuvalu is one of those nations, as is the United Kingdom, Paraguay, and Singapore.

Once authorized, an ETIAS holder can visit all countries within the Schengen Zone, which includes some of the most-visited countries in the world:

  • France: France is the number 1 most-visited country in the world. It will also host the 2024 Summer Olympic games, which will no doubt help to attract even more tourists.
  • Spain: Madrid and Barcelona have helped to make Spain the second-most visited country. It’s vast, it’s diverse, and you could spend your full 90-days there and still not scratch the surface.
  • Greece: Although many travelers head for Greek islands like Crete, Rhodes, Kos, and Santorini, Greece also has some amazing sights on the mainland, including historic Athens.
  • Italy: Italy is the only country that can come close to rivaling Greece when it comes to ancient European history. It’s also home to some of the best food and fashion in the world and is one of the many must-see nations for ETIAS travelers.
  • Belgium: The home of cosmopolitan Brussels (a very important city for the European Union), as well as the quaint and stunning Bruges.
  • Denmark: One of the cleanest, friendliest, and most beautiful countries in the world.

What is the ETIAS Application Process for Tuvaluans?

The ETIAS application process is the same for Tuvaluans as it is for everyone else. It involves several simple steps:

  • Visit the official ETIAS website to find the application form
  • Complete the form by answering some basic questions
  • Enter your passport details
  • Use a credit/debit card to pay a €7 fee
  • Wait for up to 72 hours for authorization to be confirmed by email

There are no documents or passport stamps—the ETIAS is entirely electronic.

What are the Best Places for Tuvaluans to Visit with an ETIAS?

France and Spain are the two most-visited countries in the world and both of them are part of the Schengen Zone. These countries span some of the most varied and beautiful cities in the world, from the passion of Paris to the class of Nice and the culture of Barcelona. There’s copious amounts of sunshine, dozens of famous museums, and countless great festivals, concerts, and events.

And that’s just 2 countries of the 26 that you can visit with an ETIAS. The next Schengen country on the list of most-visited nations is Italy, where you can explore ancient history in Rome, medieval history in Venice, Renaissance history in Florence, great food in Naples, and much more.

Germany is also one of the 10 most-visited nations. Berlin is actually one of the cheapest capital cities in the European Union and if Paris and London are too expensive for your tastes, head to the German capital instead. You can enjoy great food (including the locally famous currywurst) at low prices, and there are a lot of attractions to see as well.

Other popular tourist destinations in the Schengen Zone include Vienna, Bruges, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Stockholm, Amsterdam, and Geneva.

Is the Schengen Zone Safe for Tuvalu Citizens?

The Schengen Zone is incredibly safe, but as with all tourist-heavy regions, you still need to keep your wits about you and stay clear of pickpockets and scammers.

Protect your valuables at all times, go to the police if you have any issues, and use only legitimate car hire services, taxi services, and hotels.