Venezuela is part of the European visa-exempt program until 2022, which means that Venezuelan citizens are free to travel throughout the European Union (EU). But toward the end of 2022, a new initiative will begin that means all Venezuelans need to apply for online travel authorization before they can visit the Schengen Zone.

ETIAS Visa Waiver for Venezuelan Citizens

The European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) is a gamechanger for countries within the Schengen Zone, as well as the tens of millions of non-Europeans that visit the region every year.

ETIAS is an electronic program that aims to secure to internal borders of the Schengen Area, preventing dangerous individuals from moving freely within.

Any Venezuelan citizens wishing to visit the Schengen Area after late 2022 must apply online for ETIAS authorization.

All applications are checked against a series of international databases. The process doesn’t take long and is entirely automated. It is designed to check for serious security risks, warrants, criminal behavior, and other such threats.

Do Venezuelan Citizens Need an ETIAS Visa Waiver for Europe?

Venezuelan citizens need an ETIAS visa waiver when they visit Schengen countries, including Italy, Greece, Norway, Spain, and Germany. However, it does not cover all of Europe and doesn’t even apply to all countries within the European Union (EU), so it’s important to know the visa rules of the country that you intend to visit.

Requirements for Venezuelans

Venezuelans citizens seeking ETIAS authorization will need all of the following:

  • Secure internet access
  • A valid Venezuelan passport (with at least 3 months validity)
  • A debit or credit card (a €7 fee is required)
  • Some basic personal details and travel details

Once ETIAS travel authorization has been granted, it will remain valid for 3 years and grants all travelers access to the Schengen Zone for up to 90 days within a 180 day period.

If the applicant’s passport expires before that 3 year period is up, the ETIAS will also expire. What’s more, it is possible for the ETIAS visa waiver to be revoked due to a change in circumstances.

Can Venezuelan Citizens Travel to the US Without a Visa?

Venezuelan citizens need a visa before they can visit the United States. The same is true for the United Kingdom and many other major nations.

Which Countries Can Venezuelans Visit Without a Visa?

The Venezuelan passport is ranked number 44 in the world in terms of visa-free and visa-waiver access. It seems like a respectable position, but in actual fact, there are multiple countries for most of those positions, which means the Venezuelan passport actually has a very low ranking.

With the exception of the EU, Russia, South Africa, and Mexico, Venezuelan citizens need a visa to access most major nations.

The Most Popular Venezuelan Tourist Destinations

Europe is a major tourist destination for Venezuelan citizens. They often spend their time in other South American nations, as well as Caribbean islands, with only the wealthiest and most adventurous of travelers looking further afield to countries like Spain, France, Portugal, and Greece.