The ETIAS, or Electronic Travel Information and Authorization System to give it its full name, was created to establish more control over Schengen borders while providing visitors with a simple and streamlined process when they wish to visit these countries.

As Spain is a member of the EU and the Schengen Area, visitors to this country may need to apply for an ETIAS visa waiver before they can visit.

ETIAS Visa Waiver for Spain

Unlike a Schengen Visa, which requires you to visit an embassy and undergo a lengthy and strict vetting process, the ETIAS visa waiver can be received quickly following a simple online application process.

Once an ETIAS visa waiver has been granted, it will be tied to the passport for which it was granted and will expire either in 3 years or when the passport expires (whichever is sooner).

Do I Need an ETIAS Visa Waiver to Visit Spain?

You may need to complete an ETIAS visa waiver for Spain if you reside in a country that is neither in the EU nor the Schengen Zone, although there are some exceptions.

The requirements are in force from the end of 2022, so if you are reading this in late 2021 or early 2022, there is no such requirement.

To complete the ETIAS application process, you just need a passport that is valid for at least three more months. You will also be asked for some basic contact details and travel information. Once this information has been supplied, several automatic checks will be conducted and the data will be checked against several major international databases, ensuring that there are no arrest warrants, concerning criminal records, or a history of sex trafficking, drug smuggling, and terrorism.

If an ETIAS visa waiver is granted, it can be used to access Spain and other countries within the Schengen Zone, including Greece, Italy, and France.

Visiting Spain with an ETIAS Visa Waiver

Spain welcomes millions of tourists every year and many of these visit Madrid and Barcelona, two of the biggest and best-known cities in the country.

Other popular tourist destinations include Seville, Mallorca, Granada, Bilbao, Ibiza, and the Canary Islands, to name just a few.

What are the Best Attractions in Spain?

Spain is home to some of the best museums in Europe and also has a rich cultural history and lots of great food. You will find copious amounts of fresh and delicious produce, along with great wine, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, oranges, and more.

After all, Spain exports huge quantities of foodstuff every year and is particularly popular among northern European nations.

Is Spain a Safe Country?

Spain is completely safe, but tourists are more at risk than locals, especially in tourist-heavy areas. Make sure you keep your wits about you and look out for scams and pickpockets. Nothing will ruin your vacation quicker than having all of your spending money stolen by an unscrupulous thief.

Get your ETIAS visa waiver, book a vacation to Spain, and enjoy yourself! Just remember to plan your trip carefully (including other trips to nearby countries within the Schengen Area and/or European Union) and stay safe at all times.