Europe Visa Launch

| July 5, 2018

There are numerous developments that are taking place in the Europe Visa space over the past few years.

The European Union has been making a number of changes to it’s visa policies. The most recent being the introduction of ETIAS, which stands for EU Travel Information and Authorisation System. ETIAS, along with the visa systems used for admitting travellers on Schengen Visas, will bolster the ability of the European Border Authorities to track the entry-and-exit movements of all travellers within the Schengen Area. ETIAS was proposed in 2016 and confirmed in 2018. ETIAS is expected to be in full-effect by early 2020.

The hope is that with ETIAS and Schengen, E.U. member countries can more confidently guarantee the safety of its citizens, all while also adding a substantial boost in revenue for the bloc. The amount of revenue is estimated around 500 million to 1 billion euros per annum by 2020.

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